Creating and making jewelry is a little known passion of mine.

Silvermithing and gemstones!. I'm incorporating coins from various countries that have animals & poultry on them for those who would like something that highlights their interest, but is still tastefully done. I have coins with hens from Ireland, dogs and horses also from Ireland. Rabbits too!

I love to make cabochons with various materials, pietersite being one of my faorites, calcedony, turquois blended with pearls or hand forged sterling beads to name a few.

I also create earrings, bracelets, fine silver necklaces and pendants using sterling silver or 14K gold filled material, embellished with semi precious gemstones.

Please look over my recent creations, and if one catches your eye, feel free to contact me to purchase it.

Most of my jewelry is "one of a kind" so you know you are wearing something no one else has!

I also do requests. If you see something, but the color or gemstones are not what you want, contact me and I'll probably be able to create it with the items of your choice.

The only thing I cannot recreate are the pendants you see in my collection. They are unique and not reproducable.

Thank you for looking, and enjoy!


ps. I started a blog both for poultry & jewelry. Take a look, leave a comment! Blogging is fun! LOL

Jewelry for sale